Proofreading & Proof-editing

I currently offer two editorial services: proofreading and proof-editing.

I charge more for a proof-edit as this involves a more comprehensive level of editing, so please check my Fees page and also my FAQs page to help you decide which service might be most suitable for you or your business.


If your project has already been copy-edited and typeset, or designed and formatted electronically, I will proofread your work before final publication.

This service includes some or all of the following:

  • checking for errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • checking for errors of omission
  • checking for consistency of chosen styles of spelling (eg -ise or -ize verb endings), hyphenation, capitalisation etc.
  • checking for consistency of layout (eg headings, spacing, indentation of paragraphs, layout of dialogue etc) and typography
  • checking the contents page(s) against chapter titles, page numbers, page headings etc.
  • checking cross-references against footnotes or endnotes
  • checking that illustrations are correctly positioned and captioned and correspond correctly with the text
  • liaising with the author to resolve any outstanding issues

I am happy to proofread against copy (ie copy-edited typescript and proof provided) or ‘blind’ (ie proof only, no copy provided) and I will usually mark up the proof in one of the following three ways:

  • by hand: if supplied with a designed and typeset printed hard copy of the proof, I will mark it up using  either the BSI (British Standards Institution) marks or another mutually agreed method;
  • on screen (1): if supplied with a Word document, I will use the ‘Track Changes’ and ‘Comments’ features to work directly on the document;
  • on screen (2): if supplied with a pdf, I will mark up the document using either electronic BSI proofreading stamps or by using the ‘Comments’ features available in Adobe Acrobat.


This is essentially a hybrid service combining some elements of the copy-editing process with a full proofread.

I will carry out all the proofreading tasks laid out above but will also:

  • check that your text is fluent, clear and devoid of unnecessary repetition;
  • help you assess whether the language used in your work is pitched at the right level of audience or market – is the style, tone or language used appropriate?
  • check for and query any apparent inconsistencies or ambiguities, for example, of plot, character or timeline;
  • check for basic factual errors;
  • provide you with a style sheet if required.

What I don’t  do:

Please note that I do not offer the following services:

  • developmental or substantive editing involving any restructuring or writing/rewriting of your work
  • checking of legal permissions (for quoting of copyrighted material etc)
  • designing page layout
  • indexing

These services should be carried out by qualified professional editors, copy-editors and indexers.